Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)~~~Who We Are and What We’re About

DOC Chalice

We are the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.  We are a diverse group of Christ-followers across the United States and Canada. We worship in old sanctuaries, living rooms, coffee shops, storefronts, new worship spaces, and online. 


As part of the one Body of Christ, we welcome ALL to the Lord’s Table, as God has welcomed us. Most Disciples of Christ congregations share in communion every Sunday.


A person makes the choice to respond to God’s call, rather than the choice being made for them as an infant. We practice baptism by immersion, while also recognizing and honoring the baptisms performed in other churches and traditions. 


We believe our differences in understanding the Bible is an essential piece of our faith journey. We value critical thinking and celebrate individual freedom when it comes to interpreting the scriptures.

Justice and Mission 

We are called to witness to God’s saving love in Jesus Christ. We work with partners to heal the brokenness of Creation and to bring peace and justice to ALL of God’s precious children. We honor the many ways God’s love is known to others in the various faith traditions. We are an Open and Affirming congregation, in which ALL people are welcome in the life of the church!


We affirm the priesthood of all believers, rejoicing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit poured out upon every single person. Adults and youth and encouraged to serve in all aspects of congregational life.