Outreach & Mission

Outreach is important to Carmel Christian Church, as emphasized in our Mission Statement: ” . . . a worshipping, caring, learning, serving Christian chuch in Carmel and beyond.”

This was also reflected in the 2007 Transformation Study, “Future Story”, and in the annual budgeting process.  For the 2014-15 budget, 10% of undesignated offerings were set aside for Outreach, with 7.5% going to the Disciples Mission Fund (DMF) and 2.5% used for committee-selected projects. Additionally, the congregation supports the denomination’s six special offerings: Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Reconciliation and Week of Compassion.

Carmel Christian Church has been designated a Global Mission Church by Global Ministries, which requires a significant commitment to serving global needs.


Good Samaritan Network (GSN)
As an ongoing ministry, grocery and personal care items are collected for GSN which helps Hamilton County residents who are in need of assistance.

Hamilton County Caring Citizens “Angel Gift” Program
Each November and early December, Carmel Christian Church participates in a county-wide program to provide Christmas gifts to those in nursing homes and other facilities in Hamilton County.

Partnership with Tuxedo Park Baptist Church
Currently Carmel Christian Church is partnership with TPBC to aid those in an area where there is a great need. Food products are collected along with clothing, personal care items and other small items necessary to have a home-like atmosphere for those in need. Weekly, TPBC holds a dinner on Thursday nights to aid those in the neighborhood. Help is always needed and the Outreach Committee at CCC is finding ways to assist with this project.

Peace Garden.  We grow and produce over 400 pounds of fresh vegetables which is then given to our local food bank.  

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis
Since 2001, Carmel Christian Church has partnered with other Disciples through GIDA (Greater Indianapolis Disciples Association) to build a Habitat for Humanity house. Funding, workers and meals are provided by the church.

Additional Projects
In addition to the projects listed above, Carmel Christian Church provides funding for various other local projects. 


Global Ministries Adopt-a-Child Program
On an individual basis, church members and groups participate in our denomination’s Adopt-a-Child Program offered through Global Ministries. For $25 – $30 per month, a child is sponsored at one of our partners’ orphanages/schools.

Global Ministries Alternative Gift Program
Each December, our Outreach Committee promotes the Global Ministries Alternative Gift Program. This provides a variety of projects in assorted price ranges that may be “given” to those on your gift list via a gift to one of our denomination’s partner projects around the world.

Overseas Mission/Study Opportunity
Periodic overseas mission/study trips are offered.  In 2005, nine persons made a pilgrimage to Bosnia/Herzegovina.

Homeland Ministries Work Trips
After Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, Carmel Christian Church members were off to Mississippi and Louisiana with donations. After seeing the devastation, we teamed with Speedway Christian Church on a “One Home at a Time” project, completing renovation of a home in Spring 2007.

In the Summer of 2011, a group of individuals went to Atlanta, Georgia to work with individual homeowners in reconstruction projects due to the devastating floods that had struck the area. In 2008, a group went to Cosby, Tennessee, to work with local partner, The Sunset Gap Community Center. This trip was arranged through F.A.S.T. ~~ Faithful Advocates Serving Together, a mission trip opportunity in Appalachia co-sponsored by the United Church of Christ, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and local partners.

A mission trip (whether in this general area or several states away) is planned for youth and adults. This effort continues, although now through Division of Homeland Ministries. In July 2014, the youth and adult advisors will be traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio, to work with those who are in need of their help.

CWS Blankets+ Program
Opportunity is given to participate in Church World Service’s Blanket+ Program (formerly Tools of Hope). This program assists those in need around the world providing such items as blankets, tents, food, tools, seeds, wells, literacy training and microcredit loans. Additional support has been provided through the CWS Alternative Gift Program, and Health Kit, School Kit, and Clean-Up Kit Programs.

CROP Hunger Walk
Carmel Christian Church is an active participant in the annual Hamilton County CROP Hunger Walk, providing funding, walkers and leadership.

Heifer International
Carmel Christian Church has participated in Heifer International projects throughout the years, especially as a service project for Vacation Bible School.  Additionally, through a dedicated campaign, three $5,000 arks were donated in the past.